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Don’t let the “farm” in our name fool you! The fossils at the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm are all housed inside a comfortable building where you’ll find an Early Jurassic ecosystem complete with dinosaurs, plants, fishes, and more. Let us tell you the story of Earth and St. George’s ancient past.


Dear Dinosaur-enthusiasts,
We realize the world has changed quite a bit since we last saw you, but we are so excited to get to see your smiling faces and hear your best dinosaur roars! We ask that you have patience with us as we learn a “new normal” in our post-pandemic world. We are here to help you have a great experience in the museum, please, help us do that by following the posted guidelines below when you come to see us.

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COVID-19 Procedures (updated 7/15/20)

To all our amazing visitors,

We have been open for nearly two months and we appreciate all those who have visited. Please, continue to help us by following the posted guidelines below when you come to see us.

-come see us between 10AM-12PM for high-risk individuals.
-come see us between 12PM-5PM for the general public.
-visit us on Thursdays through Mondays.
-mandatory mask or face covering when inside the building. If you are feeling unwell, please stay home.
-practice social distancing and stay at least 6 feet from other visitors (please note the markers on the floor).
-follow the directional signs and notice how the museum exhibits are one-way.
-wash your hands often and for at least 20 seconds.
-visit the hand-sanitizer stations in the museum after touching surfaces.
-help us with contact tracing by filling out our sign-in book.
-help our staff stay safe too:
      *use a card/contactless chip,
      *step back from the counter until the transaction is complete,
      *follow staff directions, such as waiting for a space to be available or taking turns when items are being rung up.

Some areas are limited to one family group at a time. This includes the gift shop and the intro video theater. In the gift shop, please note, many items are for display only and can be purchased by speaking with a staff member. This is to help reduce the number of people touching the items you purchase. In the theater area, we have spaced the chairs allowing up to 10 people at a time. This means both these areas will have wait times, so please be kind and understanding when we ask you to wait.

Some areas are closed. This includes the classroom and the fossil lab. The classroom is where our hands-on activities take place, but we feel it is safer to close the area until we return to a more normal world. The fossil lab is closed to keep our high-risk volunteers safe and healthy.

Some exhibits may have restricted access. For example, the climb-on dinosaur is not accessible at this time.

We are limiting the number of family groups through the museum at one time to help us all maintain social distancing. Please, be patient and understanding if the staff asks you to return at a later time or asks you to wait until another family group exits the museum.

Behind the scenes, we have sanitizing protocols in place for all high-touch surfaces, exhibits, facilities, and various areas of the building.

We have enjoyed reopening the museum and plan to continue on through this pandemic. Thank you for your continued support during these unprecedented times.

-Diana Azevedo, Executive Director, and the Dinosaur Discovery Site Team and Board

Never been before? Here’s what to expect:

Come explore the museum at your own pace! The exhibits are all self-guided. (Self-guides translated into various languages available at the bottom of this page or at the front desk upon arrival).

Our museum is fully climate controlled, with water fountains, bathrooms, and seating throughout.

  • The Outside Dino Park has picnic tables, a sandbox, and a Walk Through Time exhibit. The picnic area is shaded.
  • Walkways and ramps are ADA approved, no stairs to climb
  • Large parking lot with handicapped parking spaces, bus/RV parking, and street-side parking
  • Walker with built-in seat available upon request
  • Well-behaved dogs on leashes are welcome!

Other Policies 

  • Drinks in closed containers are welcome. Open drinks with straws, sippy cups, or coffee mugs are prohibited except in the lobby area and outside.
  • Please alert the front desk staff if you plan on bringing food into the Dino Park.
  • Photography and videography are encouraged!
  • Ticket sales close 30 minutes before closing, so get here early!



Start your tour with our “Cast of Characters;” those being the tracks and the animals who likely made them. The first track is the largest at the site, known as a Eubrontes track. These were likely made by Dilophosaurus. Next is the Grallator track, a much smaller track made by a Megapnosaurus-like dinosaur. There are a total of 17 different tracks at the site, can you find them all? Next on your tour, you’ll learn about the Early Jurassic setting, specifically Sedimentary Structures we use to learn about the ancient environment of this area. Can you imagine a large, shallow lake and no mountains, that’s what St. George looked like 200 million years ago. And to finish your tour, you’ll walk onto our boardwalk, getting up close and personal with the intact track surface. Make sure you see the swimming dinosaur tracks, skin impressions, running dinosaur tracks, and the rare crouching dinosaur impression before leaving the site. Click Here for More Details


Yearly Memberships are also available, for more information CLICK HERE.

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2 people (1 adult + 1 child, Or 2 adults)


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Family Pass (2 adults + children)


Cretaceous Level

Grandparents Pass (2 Grandparents + grandchildren, limit 15)