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The history of the museum begins in 2000, when local optometrist, Dr. Sheldon Johnson, was leveling a hill on his property. After removing several feet of topsoil, he came across a thick sandstone layer. This layer was the “paleontological jackpot”: dinosaur footprints! Dr. Johnson and his wife, LaVerna, decided to share the tracks with the world, opening their farm to the public. Within a few months, trained paleontologists from around the state, plus hundreds of volunteers, helped uncover thousands of fossils. Utah Paleontologist, Jim Kirkland has said, “The St. George track site is not only the oldest Jurassic dinosaur site in Utah, it is the best basal Jurassic track site in western North America.” Together with scientists, businesses, and government officials on the local, state, and national levels, the Johnsons and the DinosaurAH!torium Foundation raised enough funds to build a museum. In 2005, the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm opened its doors and has served over 500,000 visitors.

The DinosaurAH!torium Foundation

The DinosaurAH!torium Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. And in partnership with the City of St. George, manages and operates the museum and gift shop. Additionally, the foundation raises money through granting agencies and private donors for various exhibits and projects.

Dinosaur Discovery Site



To research, preserve, interpret, and exhibit the fossil resources of the area and the story of this specific site for the benefit, education, and enjoyment of our valued communities and the scientific world.



Be an anchor for the Earth Sciences in the southern Utah region. Through our exhibitions and programs, the Museum strives to inspire critical thinking, awaken curiosity, and deepen understanding about the natural world and humanity’s place in it. Through our collections, the Museum aims to pursue excellence in scientific research.



Present compelling exhibitions and programs that link the local geology and paleontological story of our site to broader Earth science and natural history concepts.

Deliver educational programs and learning experiences to our visitors.

Generate and share new knowledge and research through exhibitions and publications.

Collect, preserve, and interpret fossil resources from the southern Utah region and strive to partner with scientists from around the world to further these goals



Inclusion. We are welcome and friendly to persons of all abilities, we serve a diverse audience, and aim to include a variety of scientific approaches to our interpretation and research.

Curiosity. We never stop learning or thinking; we continually push boundaries and explore new territory.

Stewardship. The Museum will serve the community in perpetuity; to ensure this: we build and care for our collections, make intelligent and thoughtful use of our financial resources, and continually invest in our future.


Dr. Gary D. Watts Educator, retired – Board President
Mr. Lyle Drake Attorney – Board Vice President
Dr. Jerry D. Harris Director of Paleontology, Utah Tech University – Site Consultant
Mr. Mike Bruner CPA – Board Treasurer
Ms. Michelle Tanner St. George City Council Member
Mr. Terrance White Architect
Dr. Donald Fisher Marketing Professor, Utah Tech University
Ms. Sue Barnes Public Relations, retired
Ms. Laverna Johnson Educator – Advisory Member


Diana Call – Executive Director – exec.director@utahdinosaurs.org

Curation and Exhibitions Team:
Andrew Milner – Curator & Site Paleontologist – curator@utahdinosaurs.org
Jaleesa Buchwitz – Deputy Curator and Collections Manager – deputycurator@utahdinosaurs.org
Hunter Carter – Prep Lab Manager – preplab@utahdinosaurs.org
Nathan Martin – Collections Intern

Gift Shop and Front of House Team:
Cameron Roberts – Gift Shop & Facilities Manager – giftshop@utahdinosaurs.org
Maegan Widdison -Front Desk Supervisor – info@utahdinosaurs.org
Katie Melvin – Social Media Coordinator – socialmedia@utahdinosaurs.org
Ian Malcolm – Front Desk Associate
Abigaelle Hayden- Front Desk Associate
Hannah Kenrick-
Front Desk Associate 
Keisha Riedl-
 Front Desk Associate

Education and Programming Team:
Hannah Pettijohn – Education Manager – education@utahdinosaurs.org
Kathryn Bylsma – Education Coordinator – education.coordinator@utahdinosaurs.org
Chloe Baron – Educator
Brock Berger – Education Intern & Summer Program Coordinator
Chloee Wimmer- Educator

Development Team:
Theresa Joers – Development Director – development@utahdinsoaurs.org
Holly Hurtado – Development Manger – development.admin@utahdinosaurs.org