SGDS Announces an Awesome Partnership With Safari Ltd!

Even though COVID-19 is currently limiting access to our Museum, that does not mean that you folks are unable to support us during this temporary normal. We reported at the beginning of this month that our doors will be reopening on the 15th of May, but if you guys are missing your daily dose of prehistoric life, as I’m sure you are, we are happy to announce a super exciting partnership with Safari Ltd!

This is an incredible way to support us as we navigate through these strange times, and they have an amazing inventory selection. Safari Ltd. updates their prehistoric models every year to ensure that they are producing the most scientifically up-to-date models that they can. The Dinosaur Discovery Site gift shop is known for stocking accurate dinosaur models; many of which come from this company. All you have to do is use the promo code SGDDS at checkout, and 10% of all sales are donated back to the Museum. Also, as Mother’s Day swiftly approaches, Safari Ltd. is currently offering a 20% discount through May 10th. What mother wouldn’t love a fun dinosaur-themed gift?

You can find out more information by following this handy link:

Thank you again to Safari Ltd. for this partnership. Happy shopping, everyone!