Blog Beginnings!

Welcome, everyone, to the newest addition to the awesome content we have here at the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site! This is going to be a place where we share a myriad of things: from interviews with our volunteers and on-site Paleontologist about the cool projects they are working on, to the geology of the surrounding area in Washington County. We will be delving deeper into the rich history that encompasses where we live, and can’t wait to share anything and everything related to Paleontology and Earth Science! 

This is a fun and educational way to learn more about those topics that spark interest when you come visit our museum, and we plan on posting bi-weekly (for now!). We’re sure quite a few of you who are reading this have memberships with us and receive an email with our newsletter enclosed, and boy, do we have some cool news for you guys! Typically one of the sections in our newsletter highlights fossils and new exhibits we acquire, and we are betting that some of you guys are dying to know more about them. Well, never fear, because one of the new things we are going to be doing is linking to this blog when we talk about those things and using this as a platform to learn more; to get a more detailed explanation of what it is that we are highlighting. 

Also, if you folks don’t have a membership with us, and want to see all of the cool stuff we talk about in our newsletter, the membership sign-up process is extremely easy and pain free. Just give us a call, and one of our lovely staff members will walk you through the process. Or you can purchase a membership pass the next time you visit the museum. It’s absolutely worth it! Who doesn’t love exciting dinosaur-themed content?

We are really looking forward to this new avenue of sharing information with you all! Our main mission at the Site is to educate and share with the public our place in history, as well as to inspire more scientific research and community involvement. We hope to awaken your curiosity with this additional content and inspire a passion that we all share for Earth Science!