The Importance of the Gift Shop!

Now that we have reopened, we are very excited to welcome the community back into our Museum! As an educational site, we have really missed all of your thoughtful and inquisitive minds, and we look forward to y’all exploring our tracks once again. Now, one of the really cool aspects of our Museum, in my humble opinion, is the Gift Shop. You may be asking yourself, “How is it possible that with all of the amazing tracks and super cool fossils, one of your favorite parts is the Gift Shop?!”, and I would have to say that it is indeed possible, my friends.

Our Assistant Director, Jaleesa Spor, is the one in charge of the Gift Shop and she does an incredible job. She really takes the time to evaluate what we have in stock, to ensure that you folks are getting the best content possible. A lot of care goes into the process of supplying the community with a broad range of fun dino-themed gifts: whether it be our currently most up to date range of models, our plethora of both adult and kid themed books, even our super cool dinosaur socks! Who doesn’t love a fun pair of dinosaur socks?

You may have noticed when you go to check out at the desk that an associate asks you to round up your purchase. What you may not know is that rounding up benefits the Museum in a few different ways. The first way is through funding additional exhibits. We are currently in the process of working on a new Kayenta Timeline Exhibit, which will talk about the different sites and formations in Washington County and how we fit into that big picture. You folks have a really cool opportunity to help support us in that endeavor, as well as other exhibits in the future. 

The second way is helping to support our educational programs for kids. We are an educational site above anything else, and we especially love teaching future Paleontologists. We have quite a few themed activities and programs in the works, and are super excited to put them in place, we just need a little bit of help! 

Last, but not least, is funding for ongoing research. I am sure you noticed that we have a prep lab in our Museum, and our volunteers and on-site Paleontologist are constantly working on preparing fossils and doing research. Paleontology is a study that constantly requires research, and you can assist in their noble work!

We just really want to thank you guys for supporting us during these strange times. It means a lot to us that we can share our awesome site with the community. We really appreciate everything that you all do, and can’t wait to grow more with you in the future!

SGDS Announces an Awesome Partnership With Safari Ltd!

Even though COVID-19 is currently limiting access to our Museum, that does not mean that you folks are unable to support us during this temporary normal. We reported at the beginning of this month that our doors will be reopening on the 15th of May, but if you guys are missing your daily dose of prehistoric life, as I’m sure you are, we are happy to announce a super exciting partnership with Safari Ltd!

This is an incredible way to support us as we navigate through these strange times, and they have an amazing inventory selection. Safari Ltd. updates their prehistoric models every year to ensure that they are producing the most scientifically up-to-date models that they can. The Dinosaur Discovery Site gift shop is known for stocking accurate dinosaur models; many of which come from this company. All you have to do is use the promo code SGDDS at checkout, and 10% of all sales are donated back to the Museum. Also, as Mother’s Day swiftly approaches, Safari Ltd. is currently offering a 20% discount through May 10th. What mother wouldn’t love a fun dinosaur-themed gift?

You can find out more information by following this handy link:

Thank you again to Safari Ltd. for this partnership. Happy shopping, everyone!

Blog Beginnings!

Welcome, everyone, to the newest addition to the awesome content we have here at the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site! This is going to be a place where we share a myriad of things: from interviews with our volunteers and on-site Paleontologist about the cool projects they are working on, to the geology of the surrounding area in Washington County. We will be delving deeper into the rich history that encompasses where we live, and can’t wait to share anything and everything related to Paleontology and Earth Science! 

This is a fun and educational way to learn more about those topics that spark interest when you come visit our museum, and we plan on posting bi-weekly (for now!). We’re sure quite a few of you who are reading this have memberships with us and receive an email with our newsletter enclosed, and boy, do we have some cool news for you guys! Typically one of the sections in our newsletter highlights fossils and new exhibits we acquire, and we are betting that some of you guys are dying to know more about them. Well, never fear, because one of the new things we are going to be doing is linking to this blog when we talk about those things and using this as a platform to learn more; to get a more detailed explanation of what it is that we are highlighting. 

Also, if you folks don’t have a membership with us, and want to see all of the cool stuff we talk about in our newsletter, the membership sign-up process is extremely easy and pain free. Just give us a call, and one of our lovely staff members will walk you through the process. Or you can purchase a membership pass the next time you visit the museum. It’s absolutely worth it! Who doesn’t love exciting dinosaur-themed content?

We are really looking forward to this new avenue of sharing information with you all! Our main mission at the Site is to educate and share with the public our place in history, as well as to inspire more scientific research and community involvement. We hope to awaken your curiosity with this additional content and inspire a passion that we all share for Earth Science!